CONSELF | About Us
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About Us

CONSELF mission

Provide Design Technology, easy-to-use and accessible everywhere.
CONSELF is in tune with the customer to value his time.

CONSELF vision and values

We aim at making state of the art, cutting edge design technology accessible to every professional around the globe.


Simulation software is a very powerful tool. Adopting it, optimization and innovation can be achieved in every field. We made this instrument accessible to everyone by developing an infrastructure that favors a super-easy adoption by any new user as well as by effectively lowering costs.


We will constantly pursue this goal, working to satisfy all our customers needs and desires.

CONSELF history

Born on April 2014, CONSELF team is composed by engineers and computer scientists with a sound knowledge in Design Software development, Cloud Technology and Engineering Simulations.


With an innovative and user-friendly approach, we aim at answering real designers need, making this modern designing tool accessible to everyone.

CONSELF services

Simulation on the Cloud


CONSELF Cloud Simulation is focused on one main goal: set up a state of the art simulation in the easiest possible way. Its intuitive wizard guides the user through four clear steps, from geometry uploading to results analysis.


Dedicated solutions can be developed on demand, tailored on customer specific needs.

Cloud Computing


Modern design technologies require high performance infrastructures to become game changers. Our cloud computing makes you pay just for the time actually spent on the machines is the most efficient way, optimizing costs and increasing revenues.


Discover more on our service and which software are already available.



We acquired a wide experience in the engineering design simulation sector and we can offer a various set of solutions ranging from problem identification to process and product optimization.




Take a look at consulting service description and receive support for your specific needs.

CONSELF customers

World class industries that rely on our services.