CONSELF | CFD WIND TUNNEL – Wind tunnel simulations
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CFD WIND TUNNEL – Wind tunnel simulations

CFD WIND TUNNEL – Wind tunnel simulations

Today we held the fourth event of our series of webinars that will show the application of virtual simulations in different sectors. In this date we show how to simulate the flow on a F1 front wing in a wind tunnel, and how to post process the result we will obtain in order to estimate the downforce generated by the model.

This webinar aims at guiding the user through the correct use of CONSELF simulation platform when dealing with wind tunnel simulations typically encountered in external aerodynamics analysis. It shows every step of the analysis, from geometry upload and manipulation to results post processing. Every meshing and CFD parameter setup is explained to assure a very smooth learning curve to non expert users. Next scheduled webinars open for registration can be found on our Events page.

This simulation, the whole cycle, typically requires between 15 and 50 simulations credits. So it can be run even with the WELCOME plan that gives every registered user 20 simulation credits for free every month, forever.

The technology on which the platform is based is the well known OpenFOAM library. For this reason we can guarantee a state of the art tool that provides accurate and reliable results.

With these tutorials and our user manual (here), every professional can now take full advantage of one of the most innovative engineering designing tools.

The session has been recorded and the full length video is available here from our YouTube channel. A complete collection can be found on the dedicated Webinars and Tutorials page.


CONSELF wants to make state of the art, cutting edge technology, available to every professional in the globe.

CFD & FEM simulation software is a very powerful tool, with its adoption optimization and innovation can be achieved in every field. To make this instrument accessible to everyone means lowering costs, but mainly to develop an infrastructure that favours a super-easy adoption by market new entrants.

CONSELF is highly committed and will pursue this goal working side by side with professional and industries to define the best strategies and solutions.

Alessandro Palmas –

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