CONSELF | Cloud CFD Advantages – Part 1 of 4: The Financial Side
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Cloud CFD Advantages – Part 1 of 4: The Financial Side

Cloud CFD Advantages – Part 1 of 4: The Financial Side

There is an unstoppable trend in the CFD software industry: we are all moving on the Cloud. This process has been happening in a lot of contexts, some of them similar to CFD (like CAE in general) and some quite different (software management, PLM, CRM, etc). It is considered the next future by a lot of experts.

In the software sector it basically means a change from the Software-as-a-Product (SaaP) to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm. This epochal change is a huge opportunity for both software vendors and providers as much as for software users. There are a lot of advantages that can be found, and especially in the CFD field, some of them are quite relevant.

We grouped them in four categories: Financial, User experience, Accessibility, Hardware. And this post will briefly review the first of the series: the financial advantage.


One of the most relevant aspects of the SaaS approach, is the possibility to offer very flexible solutions in terms of price. Depending on the business model choices made by a SaaS software vendor, it is possible to cover all pricing options:

  • Pay-per-use: allows the customer to pay just for the amount of time he actually uses the software
  • Flat plans: the customer pays in advance for a plan that gives him a fixed amount of “platform usage” in a given time. Different arrangement can be found, they can be roughly grouped in following categories:
    • Unlimited usage, unlimited time
    • Unlimited usage, limited time
    • Limited usage, unlimited time
    • Limited usage, limited time

The Cloud CFD Software we offer, reflects this wide choice: the price table can be found here, together with most common flat plans, the custom choice allows to obtain tailored solutions specific for every customer.


When a software licence can cost up to hundred thousand Euros/Dollars per year, it has an important impact on most companies budgets. Obviously this is as more relevant as smaller the company involved. But this aspect can be found even inside big enterprises, maybe on the department level, where budgeting is needed too, and it is a measure of efficiency.

Financial budgeting is a key activity for all managers. A lot of investments the manager has to decide will be judged afterwards depending on how much return they will generate. One of the crucial factors for an effective budgeting activity is the accurate risk evaluation deciding the investment value.

With the SaaS approach coupled with the Pay-per-use pricing model, the budgeting burden disappears. Paying just for the usage needed, the company can directly charge the customer with the software costs. This way, it is possible to eliminate the whole risk of investments that is too high especially when software usage can hardly be known in advance.


When dealing with software usage, and especially those that require high hardware performances, beside the licence cost, there are the so called “hidden costs”, like:

  • Hardware physical:
    • Purchase
    • Upgrade and Repair
  • Hardware operative:
    • Setup and Maintenance (System administrator)
    • Electrical Consumption
  • Casual costs:
    • Long startup time
    • Breakdowns

The SaaS approach saves the customers all this costs related with old business models and software solutions. The paid amount is the only one the company should care about, making even more simple to keep the cost under control. 


Almost all software that are provided as a service have a Free Plan. Different options can be found, typically they can be grouped as:

  • Limited time, Unlimited features
  • Unlimited time, Limited features
  • Limited time, Limited features

With Free Plans, the user can test the software before purchasing and find out if it fits his needs. In some cases, the free plans can even be used for simple commercial use.

CONSELF Cloud CFD has a Free Plan too, the WELCOME Plan that can be activated here. It allows to perform up to 2 Simulations per month for free, no credit card needed.


CONSELF wants to make state of the art, cutting edge technology, available to every professional in the globe.

CFD & FEM simulation software is a very powerful tool, with its adoption optimization and innovation can be achieved in every field. To make this instrument accessible to everyone means lowering costs, but mainly to develop an infrastructure that favours a super-easy adoption by market new entrants.

CONSELF is highly committed and will pursue this goal working side by side with professional and industries to define the best strategies and solutions.

Alessandro Palmas –

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