CONSELF | Cloud CFD Advantages – Part 2 of 4: The User Experience
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Cloud CFD Advantages – Part 2 of 4: The User Experience

Cloud CFD Advantages – Part 2 of 4: The User Experience

There is an unstoppable trend in the CFD software industry: we are all moving on the Cloud. This process has been happening in a lot of contexts, some of them similar to CFD (like CAE in general) and some quite different (software management, PLM, CRM, etc). It is considered the next future by a lot of experts.

In the software sector it basically means a change from the Software-as-a-Product (SaaP) to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm. This epochal change is a huge opportunity for both software vendors and providers as much as for software users. There are a lot of advantages that can be found, and especially in the CFD field, some of them are quite relevant.

We grouped them in four categories: Financial, User experience, Accessibility, Hardware. After the first post about the financial aspects, this post will briefly review the second of the series: the user experience advantage.


“On the Cloud” identifies something that transcends your hardware, and lies one layer above. Software provided with the SaaS approach does not need installation, it has not compatibility or platform related problems, hardware requirements usually reduce to an internet connection and a browser.

In some contexts these become relevant advantages. For example in case of Computational Fluid Dynamics software, avoiding applications installation, IT systems setup, licence activation, hardware shipping and setup means a significant increase of efficiency. Cloud solutions allow to have “Zero startup time“.

Take as an example our Cloud CFD Software: you can start your simulation in one minute, you just have to sign up for our free plan here, and you are good to go.


Cloud software has the potential to reach a higher market than standalone applications. It means that a lot of new entrants can become active users. For this reason a lot of SaaS programs spend relevant effort in creating guided workflows to allow new adopters to familiarize with basic features and to gain experience very quickly.

This is of paramount importance when dealing with complex matters such as Computational Fluid Dynamics. Cloud CFD can be a very tricky tool for a novice user, but with the help of a step by step approach it is possible to guide the customer through the correct completion of a state of the art CFD simulation for simple cases.

Our Cloud CFD stands out from the to others for this particular aspect. We do not offer just a (complex) GUI for complex CFD software, our first goal is to offer our users an intelligent process, with straightforward inputs and logical steps, organized as follows:

  • Geometry upload
  • Meshing
    • Surface meshing
    • Volume meshing
  • CFD
    • Models
    • Boundary conditions
    • Time evolution
  • Results analysis

Learn more in the Cloud CFD dedicated page.

This way every novice user can understand how to proceed with a smooth learning curve. And that’s not all, in fact we are working hard to make this powerful tool even easier to use, you will see how in our next release in few weeks.

You can try it for free right now, with our welcome plan you have two free simulations per month, sign up here.


The Cloud approach offers at least another relevant advantage from the user point of view. In fact, given the accessibility potential offered by the infrastructure, it is possible for the user to receive support directly on the platform or application he is using. This way the support can be more effective and faster.

Also in this case, the more complex the application the more important this aspect becomes. When setting up a CFD simulation it often happens that there are a lot of different details to take into account. Having an expert to work by your side on your real case can really make the difference and increase your productivity.

Our platform allows us to support you in real time right into your work space. With top availability our support team will help you to reach your goals and complete your analysis showing you best practices and tricks. Contact us for more information.


CONSELF wants to make state of the art, cutting edge technology, available to every professional in the globe.

CFD & FEM simulation software is a very powerful tool, with its adoption optimization and innovation can be achieved in every field. To make this instrument accessible to everyone means lowering costs, but mainly to develop an infrastructure that favours a super-easy adoption by market new entrants.

CONSELF is highly committed and will pursue this goal working side by side with professional and industries to define the best strategies and solutions.

Alessandro Palmas –

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