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Development of product configurators

Development of product configurators

Do you work for an HVAC or HYDRAULIC PUMP company? CONSELF has now a new and brilliant service you will find of interest: development of products configurator. What is it? We are talking about a new way to present your own products catalog to your customer. We can provide you with an easy to use software that you can distribute to your business partners or customers and allow them to search through your product database the one that best fits his need.

Our capabilities are now particularly optimized for: HRU (Heat Recovery Units), fans, jet-fans and pumps. For these type of products we can handle multiple type of configuration (such as the ones in the picture below). In this way the selection can be performed by your users not only according to working point, but also filtering results according to dimensions, applications, motor power, efficiency and much more.

Selection example

Bel fans

The software provides complete results for products with variations (i.e. variable pitch angle fans or belt driven pumps). We can handle also energy requirements (such as European ErP) automatically by detecting efficiency of impeller, motor and drive type.

Furthermore, if required, it is also possible to have a dedicated part for commercial purposes: products price can be made up according to the configuration chosen and also according to the accessories requested. In this way it is possible to easily generate an offer PDF to deliver directly to your customer.

Fan SelectionVariable pitch

Isn’t this enough? Well, the system we can create for you starts from the definition and creation of the database (from Excel and PDF files mainly). This database is built to suit your needs and is never static: at any point in future you can update/modify/delete/add products and automatically share it with the users of your selection software via internet.

Our experts can guide you through all these phases:

  • Digital cataloger definition
  • Definition of choice criteria
  • Specification of customization parameters
  • Database creation and data input
  • Application development
  • Debugging phase
  • Metric analysis


Do you want more? Do you want to see our capabilities in action? Or simply are you curious about an economic aspect? Write us an email:


CONSELF wants to make state of the art, cutting edge technology, available to every professional in the globe.

CFD & FEM simulation software is a very powerful tool, with its adoption optimization and innovation can be achieved in every field. To make this instrument accessible to everyone means lowering costs, but mainly to develop an infrastructure that favours a super-easy adoption by market new entrants.

CONSELF is highly committed and will pursue this goal working side by side with professional and industries to define the best strategies and solutions.

Ruggero Poletto –

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