CONSELF | Flow and pressure across a surface
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Flow and pressure across a surface

Flow and pressure across a surface

Data postprocessing is not an easy work. Even if provided with one of the easiest CFD software on the market, most of our users still struggle when analysing the results obtained from their simulations. For this reason we started to release a number of posts about peculiar taks that can be achieved thanks to PARAVIEW. For those who missed the previous “calculate forces and torques“, we remind that CONSELF is 100% compatible with many data viewer and in particular PARAVIEW is our preferred choice, because it is completely free and opensource. Anyone can benefit by simply installing it on his machine.

Today the goal of the present tutorial are three:

  1. Calculation of the integral averaged pressure on a surface
  2. Calculation of the volume flow through a surface
  3. Plot a custom defined graph pressure-distance

As example we run the simulation of a simple impeller, such as described in this webinar. The following pictures show the output scheme in a more detailed way.

Impeller simulation performed to obtain the result set analysed with Paraview. Only a single slice of the impeller has been defined in the geometry, using periodicity boundary condition.

Once the results have been downloaded you can now use open them into Paraview (remember to open the *.case file) and follow the procedure explained in this video.


CONSELF wants to make state of the art, cutting edge technology, available to every professional in the globe.

CFD and FEM simulation software is a very powerful tool, with its adoption optimization and innovation can be achieved in every field. To make this instrument accessible to everyone means lowering costs, but mainly to develop an infrastructure that favours a super-easy adoption by market new entrants.

CONSELF is highly committed and will pursue this goal working side by side with professional and industries to define the best strategies and solutions.

Ruggero Poletto –

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