CONSELF | How to visualize meshing errors and related CAD surfaces
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How to visualize meshing errors and related CAD surfaces

How to visualize meshing errors and related CAD surfaces

This post shows how to turn a simple error message encountered during the meshing phase, into a fundamental info on your CAD geometry file, highlighting critical zones where the model can be improved to successfully obtain the computational grid. This new feature added in latest CONSELF platform release is fully integrated with the well established simulation workflow and graphical tools, requiring minimal effort to take advantage of it from the very first use.

Where to look when the mesh fails

When dealing with complex geometries, it is possible the meshing procedure encounters problems. In such cases, it is fundamental to understand where exactly the discretization algorithm was unable to complete, in order to put in place some corrective actions. When a step fails, CONSELF platform signals it in two different places: in the “Activity” feed, available in the simulation tab, and in the “Steps completed” menu, inside each case. All failures are highlighted in red.

For every failure, there is a message with the error description and, almost always, generic indications on how to solve it. This was it until last release, where a major upgrade has been made.

New action available to view problematic geometries mesh failures

“CONSELF platform provides a very useful feedback even when you encounter meshing problems. It allows you to graphically locate problematic zones on your CAD where you can focus your effort, fix them and obtain a model on which successfully create a computational grid.”

Visual feedback to locate zones suffering meshing problems

A new graphical window to spot problematic faces

Since version 2.9, CONSELF provides a brand new feature that is completely integrated in a well established workflow. For each step which encountered an error, a new operation is available via a dedicated button (see image above). By clicking on it, a modal window opens (see image on the left) containing the graphical interface where it is possible, in few simple steps, to identify critical zones. A “meshError” variable is assigned on every face of the geometry: its value is equal to 0 where the meshing has been successful and a value equal or greater than 1 where the meshing failed, with a different value for each face. This allows the user to isolate each problematic face and to locate it with respect to the geometry, as explained in the tutorial video below.

A complete and quick video tutorial

In the mini tutorial video on the right it is possible to see how to perform all steps to identify problematic faces. With this new powerful feature, it is possible to solve most meshing problems, while learning how to properly create correct CAD models.

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Mini tutorial on how to locate CAD faces with meshing problems

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