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Engineering Consulting

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Our professionals have a wide experience in Engineering Design and can offer a various set of solutions ranging from problem identification to process and product optimization


Take a look at service description and receive support for your specific needs

Strategic advantages

To outsource work packages, relying on external consultants, have major advantages


Time to market and cost reduction are two constraints pulling in almost opposite directions that are becoming more and more tight. The constant specialization of knowledge does not allow SME and professional to manage every project aspect


In the virtual simulations sector these aspects are even more stressed due to its important impact on cost reduction as well as the high level of knowledge needed to deal with the matter

    • Simulations save time selecting profitable configurations in the early design phase thanks to they virtual nature
    • Assigning work packages to external resources allows to parallelize tasks, resulting in major speed up of project development


    • Physical test can be minimized substituting them with virtual simulations, resulting in production costs reduction
    • External consulting allows to have more control in time schedule, deadlines met and costs with respect to internally developed solutions


    • Simulations are a relatively young technologies with expanding applicability, making innovation available in a wide set of fields
    • Collaborations with specialized consultants is a typical way to discover new solutions for old problems using new, state of the art, instruments and techniques


    • Simulations assure product optimization via a wide range of virtual analysis allowing to test all configurations set
    • Collaborations with professionals of high knowledge and experience allows to reach better results and to improve product and processes in key areas

How CONSELF works

A cooperative and collaborative environment is of primary importance in determining the quality of the work outcome


Consultancy strategic importance is often underestimated. When a company decides to outsource part of a project, it needs to be sure about how the work will be carried out, meeting of deadlines, quality and transparency of the collaboration, effort and attention the consultant will assure


We know that, and our primary goal is to deeply understand customer industrial reality, in order to acquire a full insight of the project and be as effective as possible in product and process optimization


In general, a typical collaboration involves the following five phases
  • Preliminary analysis

    Understanding what the customer needs is the core activity in the first phase. Problem identification and preliminary analysis typically involve an iterative process where customer and consultant arrive to the clear definition of goals and deadlines, given the starting situation, narrowing down instrument and solution possibilities. The better the accuracy of this phase, the higher the independence of the consultant in carrying out the study

  • Feasibility & Quotation

    When starting configuration and requested output have been clarified, a feasibility analysis is carried out to outline methods, instruments and procedures that will be adopted to achieve the best result. When needed, a preliminary validation study can be performed, to confirm process accuracy and capabilities. At the same time a quotation is issued, specifying delivery time schedule as well as overall costs split by activity

  • Detailed Study Completion

    After the contract has been signed, the scheduled activity stream is started. In this phase the consultant can proceed with a good degree of independence, yet reviews at fixed intervals can be organized in order to easily monitor how the project is proceeding and how the time schedule is being respected. Few preliminary insights can be available, but it strongly depends on analysis nature and outcomes looked for

  • Final report delivery

    Once the study is complete, an analysis report is issued with detailed activity description. It describes: problem statement, critical points and requested outcome, adopted method, assumptions, limitations and modeling choices made; results summary, with the description of results analysis through images, videos and charts, analysis of possible negative results, investigation on their causes and advice on possible improvements

  • Customer Feedback

    At the end of the collaboration a fundamental aspect is customer satisfaction. When the consulting activity helps reaching desired goals it is a win/win situation, that is the best for everyone and our final target. Feedback in the form of interviews or written surveys are usually proposed, asking for suggestion about the whole experience in order to improve the workflow and to build solid foundation for future collaborations

Sector specific support

Each sector has its own peculiarities. In order to achieve the best result, careful attention has to be paid towards instruments and techniques selection for each application


We offer an engineering consulting service in a wide set of fields, take a look at following brochures to find out more information


  • Performance evaluation in early design phase
  • Machine efficiency maximization
  • Blades shape optimization
  • Flow field characteristics analysis
  • Pressure / velocity distribution

Fluid dynamics efficiency

Fluid dynamics efficiency

  • Fluid dynamics performances improvement
  • Efficiency maximization
  • Consumption reduction
  • Shape optimization
  • Weight reduction

Internal flows

Internal flows

  • Flow simulation inside valves, pipes and tanks
  • Pressure drop / mass flow rate analysis
  • Blood flow analysis
  • Conditioning system performance analysis
  • Pipes and valves particle erosion

Buildings aerodynamics & Urban microclimate

Buildings aerodynamics & Urban microclimate

  • Wind structural loads
  • Wind velocity distribution for pedestrian comfort
  • Building smoke discharge and ventilation dynamics
  • Urban heat island effect assessment

FIre Engineering & Smoke Extraction

FIre Engineering & Smoke Extraction

  • Fire simulations in industrial and civil contexts
  • Smoke extraction system performance assessment
  • Fire safety compliance verification
  • Fire hazard scenario simulation

Thermal analysis and heat transfer

Thermal analysis and heat transfer

  • Temperature distribution
  • Heat flux computations
  • Thermal shocks and loads analysis
  • Heat transport simulations

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

  • Wind turbines and wind farms
  • Solar and thermosolar farms
  • Systems perfrmance maximization
  • Energy loss reduction

HVAC & Pollutant diffusion

HVAC & Pollutant diffusion

  • Pollutant diffusion analysis
  • Contamination control systems assessment
  • Chemically passive tracer simulation
  • Clean rooms systems design

Wind tunnel

Wind tunnel

  • External aerodynamics analysis
  • Shape optimization
  • Flow characterization
  • Pressure / velocity field distribution

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