CONSELF | CFD & FEA Introductory course
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CFD & FEA Introductory course

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CFD & FEA Introductory course

The perfect way to learn an innovative advanced design technology.

Product Description

The course is targeted to CAE beginners. Its goal is to provide basic knowledge to start using modern technologies such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) analysis.

The course consists of 5 UNITS that will give the attendee theoretical insights about modern CFD and FEA simulations and two practical sessions with applications in CFD and FEA analysis.

Knowledge and capabilities obtained with this course are general and applicable to any CFD code and not only to those proposed during some of the sessions.



  • 3D modeling
  • Basic physics laws (Newton's laws)
  • Concept of pressure, heat and temperature
  • International unity system: meters, Newton, Pascal, Watts, Kelvin, ..


Course outline

– UNIT 1: Introduction to CFD (Navier-Stokes equations – DNS, RANS, LES and turbulence modelling – Outline of numeric solution)


– UNIT 2: Introduction to FEA (Stress strain equation and Von Mises criterion – Matrix method in structural analysis – Basic stiffness matrix: spring and beam – FEM basic elements and properties – Structure typical constraints and loads)


– UNIT 3: 3D Modeling and meshing (Geometry simplification and CAD on the cloud with ONSHAPE – Mesh types: TETRAHEDRAL vs HEXAHEDRAL vs POLYHEDRAL – Mesh quality – Wall refinement and boundary treatment)


– UNIT 4: CFD settings and models (Physics simplification – Turbulence model and wall resolution – Main boundary conditions – Other modelling: MRF, passive scalars, roughness, …)


– UNIT 5: Post Processing (Residual plots in CFD – Remote postprocessing with CONSELF and Local postprocessing with Paraview – Slices/clip, streamlines, threshold, new variables creation, surface average, surface integral, probes, plot on intersections)


– CFD practical case: pump analysis


– FEA practical case: connecting rod analysis


Detailed course program